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Suspiria, The Sister of Ursula, Suspicious Death Of A Minor, Cut & Run, Blazing Flowers

Born in France and raised in Italy, Barbara Magnolfi was drawn to the stage at the age of four when she began dancing ballet. Being a natural overachiever, she rose to lead ballerina at the age of ten. 
At 15, Magnolfi became a model and was soon appearing in print ads worldwide. In much the same way many young models do, she soon began acting, and appeared uncredited in a few films (including Sergio Corbucci’s Di Che Segno Sei?) before landing the role of Floriana in Sergio Martino’s thriller, The Suspicious Death of a Minor. Not long after that, she could be seen harassing Jessica Harper about snakes as Olga in maestro Dario Argento’s seminal classic, Suspiria, and as the troubled female lead in Enzo Milioni’s wildly sleazy, The Sister of Ursula. 
The beautiful Magnolfi also appeared in films by other Italian stalwarts, including Ruggero Deodato’s violent actioner Cut and Run, as well as Duccio Tessari’s La Madama, Gianni Martucci’s, Blazing Flowers, and Aldo Lado’s television film I Figli Dell’ Ispettore. In these polizia actioners and sexy romantic comedies (which are prized additions to any Euro-cinegeek’s collection, and will hopefully one day find their way onto disc as part of the flood of recent re-masterings), Magnolfi is always a magnetic presence in any film with her dark, exotic good looks and ebullient personality. You can also catch her on Cameo.

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